Real Estate Maintenance

A program designed to keep the property looking it's best. This includes visits every few days to ensure that crisp look and in co-ordination with viewing and open house events until the home is sold. 


Real Estate Advance 

This package starts as a consult with the property owner to discuss ALL options on the property  and developing a plan to take your vision to a cost effective landscaping and lawn renovation. On top of the basic package this will focus on re-working the gardens, laying of new mulch, repairing lost or damaged turf areas, and adding new landscape features. 


Real Estate Basic 

This is a one time grooming of the property to sharpen up that look:

  • cut the grass and bag grass clippings
  • trim and edge the curbs, sidewalks, driveway, and gardens
  • trim and prune hedges and shrubs
  • sweep and clear the walk ways and drive ways of any debris





When selling your home, curb appeal is crucial.

Around 10 - 20% of your home evaluation is based on curb appeal. If you are considering selling your home, now is a good time to make the appropriate changes to the property to get the most value, and we can help. Simple gardens or some shrubs along with a healthy green lawn will help make your home more attractive and more appealing to the buyers and the community around you.