Build up of hard packed snow and/or ice is not only hard on equipment, but dangerous too.

Clearing of these thick layers of ice is essential to preventing accidents. It will also reduce your risk of damage caused by potential flooding, keeping drains cleared to allow water run off come spring.

The above photo shows removal of 5 inches of ice as a result of not clearing snow all year.



From removing off site to on site removal it is key to keep access ways open and clearly visible for pedestrians and vehicles.

Reclaim that lost parking space or cut down the snow banks so you can safely enter or exit your driveway and parking spaces.



Panoramic view of Satellite Motel after plowing 

Nothing too big or too small! 

With the industries more effective equipment plowing jobs are performed efficiently and safely. Green Seed has a clean track record of 0 accidents, $0 in damages to any property over the last 6 years of plowing, it speaks for itself!